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Which Gospel?:

Is the Gospel that Jesus Christ and His disciples proclaimed for us today? It is believed that there is one Gospel.But is the Gospel that Jesus and His disciples proclaimed identical to the one Paul proclaimed?

Many believers in Jesus Christ are of the opinion that there is only one gospel. I have discussed this with believers and almost all are of that opinion. It may come as a surprise to bible students to realize that the gospel that the Apostle Paul preached was not the same one that the twelve Apostles preached.The Apostle Paul’s unique calling by God came into effect because of the failure of the nation of Israel to believe the Kingdom gospel that the 12 Apostles taught. The 12 Apostles preached to the people of Israel in the land of Judea, but Paul was sent to the countries outside of Judea with a different gospel.

Before you conclude that there cannot be two gospels, in all fairness, read these articles. Then you will, in good conscience, either accept or reject this analysis.

The New Testament consists of 27 books. Paul’s epistles constitute almost half of the New Testament. Why do the epistles of Paul make up so much of the New Testament? Most of us have never been told the entire story that lies behind the letters written by Paul, as well as Peter James, John, and Jude. We have been taught chapters and verses, not the historical context as to how events unfolded. We have been taught to approach the Bible like a jigsaw puzzle.

Most bible scholars, teachers and preachers make every effort to integrate and combine what Paul wrote with other subject matter of the New Testament. Is this valid? This approach is a copy and paste method of using scripture. Often used by preachers of the Word, not understanding the historical context or chronological order.

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